Drive Retail Sales and Create a Competitive Edge by Improving Your Execution and Sell Thru’s at Retail

    Only Intelligent Merchandising develops a servicing strategy based on analyzing weekly by-store sales data from the retailer to direct merchandising efforts at the right doors. With the use of this model, we are able to adjust the plan in response to real time sales trends and inventory levels. Intelligent Merchandising effectively targets those stores that need the most help making our agents as efficient and effective as possible. The concept that is almost always missed is that some high volume stores are that for a reason (they execute extremely well on their own). Intelligent Merchandising not only identifies these stores, but reallocates those precious funds to where they are most needed. We are able to dramatically reduce unnecessary merchandising by measuring the impact of your investment and adjusting as needed.

Retail Merchandising

A team of 500 plus best in class merchandisers execute our clients’ vision and bring their brands to life at retail.  Our Retail Merchandising services Include;

• Back stock replenishment
• Graphics placement
• Optimize product/display real estate
• Program sets and resets
• Merchandise returns
• Pricing and signage
• Quality control
• Sales training
• Display installations
• Inventory audits

Intelligent Analysis “Our Secret Sauce”

In addition to our unique store selection process, Intelligent Merchandising is 100% focused on Return on Investment for every one of our clients. This is achieved through a deeper look at;

• Inventory levels
• Allocation of inventory
• Replenishment analysis
• Call length flexibility
• Measurement of agent performance and effectiveness
• Innovative ideas to improve merchandiser efficiency

Mystery Shopping

It is important to create memorable customer experiences that drive loyalty, retention, and future sales.  Mystery shopping is a powerful measurement tool of your customer’s overall experience.  Our shoppers ensure that your employees, sales reps and products are accurately representing your company and core values. We can measure;

• Presence
• Professionalism
• Display/product location
• Signage/pricing compliance
• Work ethic
• Graphics compliance