“Our mission is to maximize every single dollar invested in Intelligent Merchandising.  Our success is only measured by the increase in Sales, Profits and Market Share of each one of our clients.”
-Joel Yoffee, President & CEO

Drive Sales & Create a Competitive Edge

We Can Improve Execution & Sell Thru's

Only Intelligent Merchandising develops a servicing strategy based on analyzing weekly by-store sales data from the retailer to direct merchandising efforts at the right doors. With the use of this model, we are able to adjust the plan in response to real time sales trends and inventory levels. Intelligent Merchandising effectively targets those stores that need the most help making our agents as efficient and effective as possible. The concept that is almost always missed is that some high volume stores are that for a reason (they execute extremely well on their own). Intelligent Merchandising not only identifies these stores, but reallocates those precious funds to where they are most needed. We are able to dramatically reduce unnecessary merchandising by measuring the impact of your investment and adjusting as needed.


A team of 900 plus best in class merchandisers execute our clients’ vision and bring their brands to life at retail. Our Retail Merchandising services Include:

• Back stock replenishment
• Graphics placement
• Optimize product/display real estate
• Program sets and resets
• Merchandise returns
• Pricing and signage
• Quality control
• Sales training
• Display installations
• Inventory audits
• Demonstrations

Intelligent Analysis
“Our Secret Sauce”

In addition to our unique store selection process, Intelligent Merchandising is 100% focused on Return on Investment for every one of our clients. This is achieved through store selection based on a deeper look at:

• Inventory levels
• Allocation of inventory
• Replenishment analysis
• Call length flexibility
• Measurement of agent performance and effectiveness
• Innovative ideas to improve merchandiser efficiency

Quality Assurance and
“Fix It” Project Specialists

Whether it is an import program that went wrong at the factory during shipping or a dilemma in-store, we are your go-to vendor to fix ANY problem. Our team works diligently to ensure that all work is accurate, on-scope, and meets the customers’ objectives quickly and efficiently. We work at the store level, DC’s and EFC’s to rework your product and get it back to sales floor ready. Our Quality Assurance tasks include:

• Mold inspection, remediation & removal
• Measurements to ensure standardization of sizing
• Inspection for color variances
• RTVs
• Replacement of missing parts
• Re-ticketing, repricing and repackaging
Any custom need you may have

Ask Our Clients...

“These results are terrific! I don’t know how anyone does business without you guys. Let’s keep working so we can continue to create opportunities”
– Mike Roberts, MerchSource, Foothill Ranch, CA.

“Over $1 million in incremental sales generated by Intelligent Merchandising at Kohl’s. Ready for the next Million!”
– Trevor Mason, New Balance Athletic Shoes, Boston, MA

“There is no doubt that your services result in a significant increase in sell-throughs.”
– Rick Christenson, Hampshire Group, NY

“You've not only enabled our company to maximize sales by intelligently servicing the stores that need the aid, but also allowed our company to better grasp merchandising and execution weak spots.”
–  Kirk McLean, MerchSource,Foothill Ranch, CA

Just Some Of Our Retail Partners


Meet Our Co-Founders

Joel Yoffee
President & CEO

Joel created, fine-tuned and successfully implemented “Intelligent Merchandising”, while serving in executive management positions for large corporate entities, including Mikasa, Pimpernel USA, Movado, Synapse (a division of Time-Warner) and SG Footwear.
Joel spent over 20 years running divisions of the above, and proved that a manufacturer could significantly grow their business by improving sell thru’s at retail. “It is no secret that retailers struggle with execution on a daily basis. The manufacturers who can cost effectively improve sales will increase margin, limit markdown dollars and greatly increase their stature with the retailer”.
After achieving this goal one company at a time, Joel launched Revenue Creations in 2008, as a vehicle to leverage his sales knowledge to a multitude of firms across several industries. “We can now offer Intelligent Merchandising to multiple companies across many platforms. We manage our clients merchandising dollars and goals as if they were our own, because I once sat in their chair, and I understand the challenges they face on a daily basis. By quantifying the return on investment, we can “Intelligently Merchandise” for our clients and watch the increased sales pay for the marketing effort”.

Brian Smith

Brian co-founded Revenue Creations with Joel in 2008. A serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, Brian works in sales, marketing, and finance for multiple entities that he has a stake in. His corporate experience includes VP of Sales positions with brands such as Izod, LaCoste and Ocean Pacific. “Although we are in an era of challenging times for any business entity, the companies that focus on return for their client (over themselves) will always thrive.”

Ready to increase your sales, Profits and Market Share?

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